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Draft a Valid Real Estate Agreement in Garden City, NY

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Are you dealing with a property dispute between you and your relatives? Do you need help closing on a home? Contact The Law Office of Lucy F. Titone as soon as possible. Attorney Titone will learn the details of your situation and develop a plan to settle your dispute. She’ll cover all the bases so you won’t have to worry about future legal problems.

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Ensure a smooth real estate transaction

Dealing with property issues can make anyone anxious. Attorney Titone will guide you through the process so you can relax and put this situation behind you. She can:



  • Help you file for a partition action
  • Settle a real estate dispute in your family
  • Represent you if you’re buying or selling a home
  • Explain your contract to you
  • Protect you from hidden liabilities with your new home
  • Review your property title, tax and mortgage documents with you
  • Register your legal documents
  • Attend the closing on your home

No matter what issues may arise during your real estate transaction, you can count on attorney Titone to resolve them so you can move forward with the process.

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